Ascend® Counterbalance Details

Ascend® Counterbalance Details

Ascend® Benefits

Altus provides maximum flexibility to fit your workflow of data entry and viewing with Ascend® Sit-to-Stand Lift Technology.

Effortless height adjust ability (easy to adjust up and easy to adjust down), and a fluid 18” of height adjustment range, enables a comfortable view of your laptop or monitor.

The revolutionary design of Ascend® technology separates itself from conventional gas-spring technology. Ascend is not pressurized, which means your long-term performance will stay superior.

Ascend® Ergonomic Benefits

Designed for prolonged sitting or standing applications. Ascend® offers a true ergonomic design that accommodates a wide range of clinicians and caregivers.

Proprietary Ascend® sit-to-stand lift technology allows your Altus cart to “fit” your staff perfectly.

The Ascend® Lift Technology can accommodate a wide range of worksurface and technology component weights. With three different counterbalanced system levels, Ascend® technology tackles most weight and height challenges.

Depending on the total weight of your technology equipment and accessories, we offer three counterbalance systems for improved comfort and maximum performance.

The following Counterbalance System Guideline illustrates which system is best for your individual use.

To start guideline equation, add model number weight + optional accessory(s) weight + technology component(s) weight.