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Introducing the Latest in Med Delivery by Altus

Altus provides world class technology workstations and now offers one of the most innovative med delivery solutions on the market.  As of July 15, 2017, Altus officially launched the RediMed wall-mounted med delivery solution.  RediMed provides medication delivery at or near the point of care.  Clinician’s average over 5 miles of walking every shift and a large portion of that is due to the ~2.5 hours they spend retrieving supplies.  RediMed is designed to focus that time back on providing care.  

So how does it work?

Rather than walking long distances to a med room, waiting in long lines at an ADC or hoarding meds in scrub pockets or patient room drawers, all of your medication and related supplies can be individually secured within steps of your patients’ bedside.  Flexible bins allow for relocation based on clinician preferences, lightweight cassettes create a simple exchange and restock protocol, and state of the art software provides a real time view of who has accessed or changed out the bins at any point in time.  Watch the Altus RediMed product video to see the unit in action: 

Why is this more secure?

The majority of medication errors are happening at the point of administration.  RediMed brings meds closer to the POC, reduces distractions, and creates and organized and traceable environments for clinicians and pharmacists alike.  Individual bins are tracked and locked with the support of an all-in-one software solution that is controlled by a user-friendly touchscreen. The entire software platform is built-in to every cabinet with no additional software required.  All of the cabinets are capable of communicating with a central management software to allow for audit tracking, user editing, bin labeling and setting changes from one central location.  Narcotics (dual-creditial bins) are also available to remain compliant with any type of medication you wish to store.

How can RediMed improve my workflow?

RediMed mounts near the patient room and can be filled by clinicians or staff on the floor or be filled via the pharmacy using an intuitive cassette fill.   Cassettes can be filled by the pharmacy and swap out all old cassettes on every RediMed cabinet on the floor with the support of an 8-cassette transfer cart to make transport quick and ergonomic.  No more expired medication or items left behind in patient rooms!  Already have ADCs on the patient floors?  Clinicians can take their cassettes (easy to carry at only 8 lbs!) to the ADC and fill each bin with their individual patient meds.  That one med room trip took the place of 40-50 that may occur throughout their shift.  In both scenarios the meds are now easy to access right outside the patient room with little to no wait time for clinicians and their eager patients.  Watch the Altus RediMed workflow video to learn more: 

Learn more about the Altus RediMed solution, the central management software and available accessories at www.altus-inc.com/med-delivery

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Know your battery life, down to the minute!

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Know your battery life, down to the minute!

Beauty. Strength. Power.

Work, without interruption.

Altus' Clio carts are the most powerful cart in our offering.  Not only do these carts last an entire shift*, they include easy to read LED battery light indicators and Cliocare, to give you the exact time remaining on your battery down to the minute.


Quick View LED Lights

Easy to see from a distance, these LED lights will give you a quick snapshot of the carts battery life.

Clinic View

View the exact time remaining on your cart along with your batteries health and load.  Simply minimize when you don't need it.

Tech View

Cart servicers are able to view any cart on the LAN via Ethernet, giving real time diagnostics and audits - making service and PM a breeze.

These features are built-in to every Clio!

*Clio batteries provide 14-hours of run-time, assuming a constant 40W output.

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A GREAT Turnout at HIMSS 2017!

It was great to see so many of you in Orlando, FL this year!  

Altus showcased a variety of products including out Kidney Cart designed for the Microsoft Surface , various versions of our Sightline Carts providing the ideal sightline for clinicians during transit and while providing care, and for the FIRST TIME Altus provided a 'sneak peak' at the up and coming Med Delivery portfolio...More details coming soon!!

If you were there, thanks for stopping by, if not, take advantage of our Free Evaluation program to see the exact product you need at your facility!

Too see more images, follow us on Social Media:



Join us at HIMSS17, Booth #3637

Stop by our booth to see:

  • Carts designed specifically for clinician comfort and ease of use.  Our sightline carts provide a 'laptop-like' look and feel while accommodating new technology requirements.
  • Efficient work platforms for technology such as the Microsoft Surface Pro.
  • The most comprehensive powered cart portfolio on the market, ensuring you get the right solution for your workflow.
  • And MORE!





How to Ensure Your Technology is a part of the Caregiving Conversation.

This blog article was orginally posted on CME's website.  To view the original article please click here:


Bringing technology to the point-of-care via wall mounts and carts has revolutionized the art of caregiving. However, a flawed application of technology workstations can negatively impact the perceived care provided. Hospitals that took the time to fully understand the workflow within their healthcare setting, surveyed the environment, and implemented technology as a part of the caregiving conversation saw patient satisfaction scores rise by 12%.*

Here are some tips to make sure you are installing technology in the right places, the right way:

1. Understand the Clinician Workflow.

  • Is the computer being used as a shared resource or dedicated to one room/patient? Shared resources often need to be mobile, bringing in the importance of ergonomics and on-board power solutions.
  • Will there be ‘down-time’ allotted to plug technology in to charge? If the product is not tethered to the wall in one room, understanding the ability to plug-in the cart to recharge or having the ability the hot-swap a battery will provide the clinicians with an un-interrupted workflow.

2. Technology workstations should be a part of the conversation.

  • Can the patient engage with the care plan? The triangle-of-care is vital to ensure the conversation between a patient, the clinician and the technology are seamless. If care plans are being shared with patients, tools that allow for sharing screens such as swiveling monitors help break down barriers.
  • Will the patient feel comfortable conversing with the clinician? Eye-to-eye contact at the patient’s level can help relieve anxiety and improve a patient’s perception of the visit. Sit-to-stand workstations allow for clinicians to adapt to various exam rooms and patient spaces.

3. Always remember, caregiving is the number one priority.

  • How many touchpoints before the technology ‘fits’ the clinician? If it takes more than 5 seconds to do, it takes too long! Monitor adjustments, sit-to-stand mechanisms and accessories should be intuitive and easy to use. The quicker they can adjust their technology, the less a patient waits.
  • If it were your desk, would you work at it? Although a patient floor may look different than your office, it is still a very important work space. Clinician comfort through soft wrists for longer data entry, lighted keyboards for dim environments and lightweight carts can lead to a healthier and happier nurse.

If you take the time specifying the right solution for the clinicians, it might as well be the right one the first time around! Working through these questions can help discern if you are on the right track. Altus is a manufacturer of technology workstation solutions who not only provides products meeting all of the necessary criteria, but also focuses on consulting with each department on their workflow to ensure the right solution is deployed in the right way. Healthcare environments have a wide range of challenges and thus they have designed their workstations to enable optimized mobility, adjust-ability, and clinician well-being. 


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Altus introduces new productivity focused tools and products.

Altus has met with multiple clinicians and facilities around the country and based the most recent product launch around the key pain points that they face day-to-day.  To sum them up, they include:

  • Comfort and Ease of Use
  • Everything they need being at the Point-of-Care
  • Patient-Centered products to support their care-giving.

Focus groups led to the introduction of Altus' sightline cart in early summer 2016 which allows clinicians to have a clear line of sight over their cart while in transport and while working with patients.  This compact design has proven to help provide a stress-free environment and has become a favorite among clinicians.  This platform is now available across the entire product portfolio (Powered (on-board charging and hot-swappable) and Non-Powered).

Electronic Medical Records at the point-of-care have been made possible through the use of wall mounts and mobile carts.  However, there are many other supplies and tools often required while at the bedside.  Altus' broadened productivity tool portfolio provides a place for everything you could need including barcode scanners, printers, sani-wipes and more.  


Excessive lifting can lead to user fatigue and in some cases injury.  Ergonomic cart solutions should be lightweight and easy to maneuver as well as simple and intuitive to adjust.  Altus offers some of the lightest carts on the market and now has the fastest electric lift mechanism within their Clio powered cart portfolio.  Sitting or standing is quick and easy with the push of a button.

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Enhance your productivity with Altus!

You won't want to miss our webinar

Friday, October 28th @ 11AM EST!  

Ever wanted to add drawers to your powered cart, have a better line of sight to your patient, or go from sitting to standing with the push of a button?  All of this is coming soon! 

COMING SOON!  NEW sightline cart with the clio & clio plus power system!


COMING SOON!  NEW powered cart productivity tools and modular mounting system!

COMING SOON!  NEW fast & efficient ascend electric lift!

All of these and more will be discussed during our October 28th Webinar!



Altus In-Service Program

Ensure your team is utilizing their technology workstations efficiently with our In-Service Program.

What is an In-Service?
 - Altus will send a member of our team to your location to train not only IT but the clinicians as well!  We are here to remove obstacles and make the technology a part of the conversation when providing care to patients.

How do they help?
 - Often times with upgraded technology comes added frustrations and struggles simply because something is unfamiliar.  We offer this service to our customers to provide guidance and quickly bring the team up to speed on the best ways to improve your workflow.

How do I get an In-Service?
Already have Altus products?  Then give us a call and we can discuss setting-up an in-service with your team.  Haven't used our products yet?  Get a Free Evaluation sample and let's start the process to get you up and running with one of our comprehensive solutions.



Uninterrupted Workflow Webinar

There is no 'One-Size-Fits-All'!

Uninterrupted workflow can be achieved through hot-swappable power.  Watch our webinar to understand how Altus can help find the right solution for you!

What else is in this webinar???

New products coming soon, including:

  • NEW Hot-Swappable Product Platforms

  • NEW Power Boost to turn any Altus Non-Powered Cart into a powered one!

innovative. adaptive. flexible.



Come visit us at the ANCC Magnet Conference in October!

Come visit us at Booth #1734 during the ANCC Magnet Conference October 5-7 in Orlando, FL!  We will be demoing product you have never seen before as well as showcasing many of our top selling products!  

Come on by to try out the products yourself and talk with our experienced team about the ideal workflow solution for your facility.

See you there!



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