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ClioSwap Battery - P-CS-BA18 Specifications

    • ClioSwap Bettery
    • Hot Swap Battery System
    • 240W Lithium Ion Battery
    • 7.85"W x 3.24"D x 4.79"H
    • Battery Weight: 4 lbs.
    • 6-8 Hours of Run Time (based on constant 30-40W draw)
    • Maximum Discharge Rate: 10A
    • Capacity
      • Nominal Minimum: 16.2 Ah
      • Nominal Typical: 17.1 Ah

Ease of renewable power. The lightweight (4 lb) ergonomically designed battery makes it easy for caregivers to install and remove the battery using a one hand operation.

Lightweight cart. It’s high-capacity Lithium-ion (mixed metal) battery technology allows this powered system to be the most compact, mobile and lightweight powered cart in the market.

Optional charging units. With the option for a wall-mounted or desktop charging station, you can suit your charging and space requirements. Always have the ability to power up technology components. Hot swap a battery with low on power.

The power supply solution for:

  • ClioSwap computer mobile cart
  • Additional battery powered technology in a medical facility
  • Adaptable battery options
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