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Altus Accessories

Accessories can be configured to ensure an efficient workflow and improve productivity. Specified accessories and mounting locations allow for multiple configurations. Select from the following configurations now to see how productive you can be tomorrow.

Micro USB Powered Task Light: TLKIT

Micro USB Powered Task Light

Dimensions: 10” W x 3/8”H x 9/16”D

Kit includes: 4, 5” zip ties and tie mounts,

Alcohol wipe, 10” L x .5”W Velcro Strip,

36” USB 2.0 Male to Micro B USB Male

white cable

Anodized Finish

P Cs Ch3D
ClioSwap 3-Bay Desktop Charger: P-CS-CHD

120W, 3 Charge Positions

9"W x 12.5"D x 4.5"H

Weight: 4.75 lbs.

4 Hours for Complete Charge

Wireless Antenea

Same smart charging as wall-mounted unit, but in a smaller package.

Green LED indicators on the base illuminate to show how each battery is progressing in the charging process.

Small & lightweight for easy relocation when needed.

84750118 1
ClioSwap Wall-Mounted 3-Bay Charger: P-CS-CH3

120W, 3 Charge Positions

31.04"H x 11.09"W x 5.5"D

Weight: 30 lbs.

4 Hours for Complete Charge

Smart charging ensures each battery charges as quickly and safely as possible.

Illuminates the battery with the fullest charge, so users always know which one is ready to use.

Flexible mounting options make it easy to install.

Green LED illuminates the battery with the most charge.

UV LED-equipped charging bays aid in the disinfection of the battery while charging.

ClioSwap Option Power Supply: CPS-1
  • Power supply with Coiled Power Cord can be plugged into power technology equipment
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • 7.85"W x 3.24"D x 4.79"H
  • Coiled Power Cord
P Cs
ClioSwap Battery - P-CS-BA18
  • Hot Swap Battery System
  • 240W Lithium Ion Battery
  • 7.85"W x 3.24"D x 4.79"H
  • Battery Weight: 4 lbs.
  • 6-8 Hours of Run Time (based on constant 30-40W draw)
  • Maximum Discharge Rate: 10A
  • Capacity
    • Nominal Minimum: 16.2 Ah
    • Nominal Typical: 17.1 Ah
Reach Exten
4 Piece Cable Management Kit for Extension: RC-CBM-EXT-KIT

Kit Includes: 1- 12' AWG Universal Power Cord, 2- 9.8' USB 2.0 Male to Female Extension Cable, 1- 9.8' DVI-D M/M Dual Link Digital Video Cable

Rc Upc 12 12Ftuniversalpowercord
4 Piece Cable Management Kit: RC-CBM-KIT

Kit Includes: 1- 10' 18 AWG Universal Power Cord, 2- 3.3' USB 2.0 Male to Female Extension Cable, 1- 6.6' DVI-D M/M Dual Link Digital Video Cable

Rc Cpu 22
Enclosed CPU Holder: RC-CPU-22

15.74"W x 3.96"D x 12.13"H
Tamper-Proof Screw Security
Track Mount
Ionic White (IW) Finish

Ivp Front
Equipment Pole - Telescoping: EP-1

Locking Collar
Adjusts height from 22" to 40"
Anodized Aluminum tubing
Weight Limit Not to Exceed 8 lbs.

Cable Management Holder: CMH-PC

2 Piece Design
Includes Re-Usable Cable Ties
Worksurface Mount
Black Finish

Cord Tray: CT

Available in Black (B)
16.25"W x 5.24"D x 6"H
Stores Technology Components & Various Cables

Cpc 5
Coiled Power Cord- CPC-5

Coiled, 7.5' Extended
Hospital Grade - 3 Outlet
Coiled Power Cord - Black Finish
For CLP and HHC8P Carts Only

Cpc 8 Bk
Coiled Power Cord Holder: CPC-8-BRK

Coiled, 7.5' Extended
Hospital Grade, 3-Outlet
Coiled Power Cord - Black Finish
Specified for worksurface assemblies that do not have a Cord Tray (CT)

Cpc 8
Coiled Power Cord Holder: CPC-8

Coiled, 7.5' Extended
Hospital Grade 3-Outlet
Black Finish