the color code system creates a uniform and professional image for hospitals and healthcare providers.  carts can be easily identified as belonging to a department, discipline or clinician.

color Code System Use Examples:

  • For Clinical Use:
    • Green Team
    • Blue Team
    • Red Team
    • Orange Team
    • Yellow Team
  • For Discipline Use:
    • Acute: Red
    • Urgent: Blue
    • Pediatrics: Pink
    • Eval/CDU: Yellow or Orange
    • Fast Track: Green


Vinyl Strips - Pack of 10 (1 color)
Size: 1 1/8"H x 12"W

Paper-backed for easy installation

CCS-01: Magenta
CCS-02: Golden Yellow
CCS-03: Cardinal Red
CCS-04: Blue
CCS-05: Fedex Green
CCS-06: Pumpkin
CCS-07: Royal Purple