Accessing technology at anytime and anywhere is critical in fast-paced healthcare environments.  This hybrid system can adapt to various workflows and disciplines by utilizing both on-board charging and hot-swappable technology.

Beauty. Strength. Power-swap.



Face-to-Face interaction at eye-level improves not only the patient's perception of the visit, but can also aid in creating a stress-free environment.  This cart was designed with a 'laptop-like' look and feel with technology best suited for EMR solutions.

Remove obstacles and fit into tight spaces.

Highly Mobile.

Clinicians are likely to walk double the distance in a shift compared to what an average person walks in an entire day!  Ease of mobility and intuitive adjustments are crucial to a clinicians' comfort and productivity in the fast-paced healthcare environment.


When promoting a healthy work environment, it is essential to have a technology workstation that considers human factors and adjusts to each unique clinician.  A soft wrist rest and ergonomic battery location meet and exceed the required comfort for caregivers.

Intuitive Design.

Battery lift indicators located at the worksurface for visibility and on the battery to ensure the proper battery is swapped each time.

Altus' Proprietary Ascend lift technology offers 18" of effortless sit-to-stand height adjustment.

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