2016 has brought many new additions and changes to the Altus Portfolio.  To make sure you are always putting your best foot forward, we have just completed a print of all the updated literature to include new products such as the sightline carts and electric lift.  Please look through your inventory and request any new or replacement literature accordingly. 

Remember, Altus Sales Folders are the best way to approach every customer to ensure you have everything you need at our fingertips.  Now would be a great time to request these as well!

Need a refresh on the Sales Folders?  Watch this short video ------>

As with any literature request, please fill out the Literature Request form with the quantities of each product you need.

The following Brochures have been updated:

  • Clio Brochure – now includes Sightline and E Series Carts
  • Clio Swap Brochure – now includes Sightline and column mounted power.
  • Clio Plus Brochure – now includes Sightline
  • Non-Powered Brochure – now includes MPC-33 (surface pro), MPC-42 and Sightline cart
  • Reach Brochure – now includes only consolidated skus.

Note: Please replace the above brochures only since the Folder, Care Moves Brochure, Powered Cart Overview and Input Brochure are still the latest versions.
Remember, the literature on the website: www.altus-inc.com/literature is updated real-time, so you can always check there to make sure your items are current!