Sleek and functional support tools have been added to the Altus Accessory Portfolio!  These new lighter and right-sized options fit current/new technology components and help each caregiver with their individual workflow.


HB Utility Basket:

An ideal depth and width for zebra printers, barcode charging bases and more!

MPS-6 Adjustable Shelf:

Adjusts to accommodate various printers and other equipment.  A strap is included to keep your items secure.


SW1 Sani-Wipe Bracket: 

Keep your carts clean with Sani-Wipes always nearby.  This bracket accommodates the common PDI Sani-Wipe Holder.

6-Month Discontinuation Notice:

Altus will be discontinuing a number of accessories due to the introduction of these new, lighter and smaller options.  These products enable us to fit current/new technology components better and help each caregiver with their individual workflow.  
Along with this discontinuation, Altus will be streamlining accessory color options to be available only in Platinum (PL).

What does 6-Month Discontinuation Mean?

In an effort to allow plenty of notice, these products have been removed from the Spec Guides as of 7/29/16, but will be available to order through 2/1/17.  Please utilize the current Non-Powered Spec Guide Clio Swap Spec Guide and Input Spec Guide (to be updated 8/1/16) to see the available Column-Mounted Accessories.  All product sell sheets have been updated as well.  Please begin transitioning accounts to these new accessories.