Altus' non-powered carts are the cornerstone of the Mobile Technology Workstation family.  Delivering point of care technology for caregivers in a simple yet effortless way.

beauty. strength. performance.

highly mobile.

Clinicians are likely to walk double the distance in a shift compared to what an average person walks in an entire day!  Ease of mobility and intuitive adjustments are crucial to a clinicians' comfort and productivity in the fast-paced healthcare environment.

compact footprint.

Space is incredibly valuable in healthcare environments.  Multiple clinicians' required in a room, a large amount of family surrounding a patient or numerous types of equipment can all lead to tight quarters.  Our compact footprint is so important for both functionality and satisfaction.



clinician focused.

The embedded magnetic strip provides stability and security during transit while allowing for quick removal.

Altus' Proprietary Ascend lift technology offers 18" of effortless sit-to-stand height adjustment.

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