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The Clio

As technology evolves so does the way care is provided and documented in a healthcare setting. Utilizing the best batteries on the market, our Clio products are designed to remove obstacles and enhance care. Clio is our our most powerful cart with unsurpassed run-time. On-board charging powers technology components and recharges the battery simultaneously, keeping you up and running and re-charged within 2 hours.

Highly Mobile

Highly Mobile

Our Clio cart is one of the lightest in the industry making maneuvering around patient bedsides and medical equipment smooth and effortless. With our 18.5” wide footprint, Clio can squeeze into tight places while still allowing ample room for foot placement.

Patient Centered

Patient Centered

Clio comes with many different monitor mounts and configurations, making it easy and simple to interact face-to-face with patients. Our LCD monitor mounts swivel 180 degrees allowing you to work with patients or move the monitor for easy cart maneuverability. We even have a laptop and sightline cart to allow for effortless communication with little need for adjustments.


Clinician Focused

Our Clio workstation on wheels considers the ergonomic and human factors to adjust to each unique clinician. Tilting monitor mounts, large worksurfaces, soft wrist rests, one-piece tilting keyboard design and keyboard light for dim charting environments help make a long shift more comfortable for caregivers. Our carts help you easily move from sitting to standing with Altus' Proprietary Ascend lift technology.

Work Smart

Work Smart and Secure

Clinicians can easily view and access patient medication within their electronically labeled bins. Categorize by patient name, room number or supply type - all information that will be tracked at the RediMed unit as well as on the central management software (CMS).

Top Clio Products

Battery Technology
and Safety

Clio’s lightweight performance LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery technology is the most durable, reliable and safest battery technology available. An onboard battery allows you to power your technology components without continuously plugging into the wall. With a 14 hour (based on constant 30-40W output) runtime. You’ll be able to last an entire shift without needed to keep the cart stationary to charge.

When you do need to plug in the cart, you can maintain an uninterrupted workflow using onboard charging through wall outlet power. The system powers both the technology components and recharges the battery simultaneously. With a 10 Amp charger, your cart's battery can be charged within 2 hours, while keeping you running during the recharge. Powered carts put the convenience of a wall plug at your fingertips with the flexibility and convenience of non-powered mobile carts.

MPM View Software

Keep control of your fleet with our MPM view software. It comes with simple Clinician View to quickly see the remaining power supply in hours. If you ever run into some technical issues the Tech View gives you detailed information on the power supply and battery health of the cart. We even have a fleet option which will give you all the information you need in one central location so you don’t have to track down every cart!

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