2/3/17 BCH-11 & RC-BCH-12 Discontinuation

Altus has introduced the new BCH-14-PL.  This new accessory brings many new features that our BCH-11 and RC-BCH-12 barcode holder did not have.

These features include:

  • Adjustable: Extends from 10"W to 12"W to accommodate larger monitors.
  • 3-direction mounting: Can accomodate left hand, right hand and top mounting.
  • 'Fork' of holder has rubber tips to hold barcode scanner in place.

The BCH-11 and RC-BCH-12 will no longer be available from Altus as of February 3, 2017.



2/1/17 CL Cable Lock Discontinuation - Immediate

Due to low sales volume and being readily available online (i.e. amazon), we are discontinuing the CL-Cable Lock accessory on 2/1/17.  

This accessory is typically used with our non-powered carts as a way to secure the laptop to the cart.  Although there are many different cable lock variations on the market, the exact product we have been using is listed below:

Manufacturer: Kensington
Part Number: K64068F
Description: MicroSaver Notebook Lock

**Please contact Bethany with any questions.



9/9/16 Reach SKU Discontinuation

We have revitalized our wall mount strategy to be more...Current. Concise. Competitive.

The REACH product consolidation has allowed us to lower prices on our top selling products and help drive sales.

The part numbers listed in the Product Bulletin  have been discontinued.  The following sku's will remain within the Reach Spec Guide with more aggressive pricing:

The best configurations at the best prices!

Product SKUs

RCLS-32-WKS & RCLS-48-WKS: WERE $1,030....NOW $760
RCLS-32-WKS-EX & RCLS-48-WKS-EX: WERE $1,165....NOW $830


RC-CPU-21: Was $110....NOW $85
RC-CPU-22: Was $165....NOW $135
RC-BCH-11: Was $50....NOW $30
RC-BCH-12: $30



7/29/16 Discontinuing Accessories

We have introduced new column-mounted accessories (MPS-6, HB and SW-1) that are lighter and smaller.  These will enable us to fit current/new technology components better and help each caregiver with their individual workflow.  

As a result of this new introduction, we are streamlining our accessory color options to only be offered in Platinum (PL).  The accessories listed below with an "IW" or "BW" suffix will be discontinued.

Discontinuing Accessories:

  • BCH-11-IW
  • CPU-1
  • CPU-2-IW
  • CPU-2-BW
  • CPU-11-BW
  • CPU-12
  • HFH-IW
  • HFH-BW
  • MPS-1
  • MPS-3
  • UB-11-IW
  • UB-11-BW

6-Month Discontinuation:

As of 7/29/16 these accessories will no longer be in the Spec Guides.  They will no longer be available to order on 2/1/17.



3/11/16 All Non-Powered Carts LCDs will be FSA-4 or FSA-8

New Product Numbers Include:


Discontinued Products Include: 
 - HHC7P2
 - HHC7P3
 - MPC-47P2
 - MPC-47P3
 - HMC7P2
 - HMC7P3
 - MPC-58P2
 - MPC-58P3


The monitor mounts (FSA-2 and FSA-3) on the discontinued products have been improved to include the new FSA-4 and FSA-8 Monitor Mounts.

Please click here to view the product bulletin.




3/11/16 Discontinuation of the CPC-3 & CPC-3-BRK

There is a limited inventory of Light Grey.  When inventory is deleted of this color we will not reorder.  The new and improved CPC-8 and CPC-8-BRK are great alternatives and are available in black.

Please click here for the CPC-3 Discontinuation product bulletin.
Please click here for the CPC-3-BRK Discontinuation product bulletin.




10/12/15 Clio Enhancements

The Clio Powered Carts have been received numerous product updates and enhancements.  These include: Price reductions, additional caster options, and discontinuation of SLA batteries.  Please click here to learn more.



10/9/15 Discontinuation of Flex Arm Tablet Holders

Altus realizes that tablet use by our customers is growing and our current tablet holder has missed the mark.  We are researching the requirements of a tablet support product.  Your input is encouraged!  Please comment with any suggestions.

To learn more about the discontinuation of the Flex Arm Tablet Holders (IO-1, IO-2 & IO-3) please click here.



9/14/15 Clio AC Powered Cart Improvements

A series of improvements and updates have been made to the Clio Cart Family.  These include:

 - New work surface design to allow for use of our various 3D laminate color offering.
 - New monitor supports: FSA-5 & FSA-9
 - Keyboard Light
 - Internal Cable Management

Please click here for more details.