We have introduced new column-mounted accessories (MPS-6, HB and SW-1) that are lighter and smaller.  These will enable us to fit current/new technology components better and help each caregiver with their individual workflow.  

As a result of this new introduction, we are streamlining our accessory color options to only be offered in Platinum (PL).  The accessories listed below with an "IW" or "BW" suffix will be discontinued.

Discontinuing Accessories:

  • BCH-11-IW
  • CPU-1
  • CPU-2-IW
  • CPU-2-BW
  • CPU-11-BW
  • CPU-12
  • HFH-IW
  • HFH-BW
  • MPS-1
  • MPS-3
  • UB-11-IW
  • UB-11-BW

6-Month Discontinuation:

As of 7/29/16 these accessories will no longer be in the Spec Guides.  They will no longer be available to order on 2/1/17.