We have revitalized our wall mount strategy to be more...Current. Concise. Competitive.

The REACH product consolidation has allowed us to lower prices on our top selling products and help drive sales.

The part numbers listed in the Product Bulletin  have been discontinued.  The following sku's will remain within the Reach Spec Guide with more aggressive pricing:

The best configurations at the best prices!

Product SKUs

RCLS-32-WKS & RCLS-48-WKS: WERE $1,030....NOW $760
RCLS-32-WKS-EX & RCLS-48-WKS-EX: WERE $1,165....NOW $830


RC-CPU-21: Was $110....NOW $85
RC-CPU-22: Was $165....NOW $135
RC-BCH-11: Was $50....NOW $30
RC-BCH-12: $30